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Coventry: city of the future once more?

Introduction to Coventry | Thursday 7th: 15:00 – 17:00

A flagbearer of twentieth century British modernism, Coventry is now undergoing  major change. With a city centre  redevelopment alongside innovative cycling and light rail strategies, how is Coventry planning for the future? How can it avoid making the mistakes of the past?

An introduction from Coventry City Council and Create Streets followed by a choice of either:

  • Cycling tour led by Adam Tranter (Walking & Cycling Commissioner, West Midlands Combined Authority) and Chris Boardman (Commissioner, Active Travel England) bikes provided


  • Walking tour led by Ian Harrabin (Chairman, Historic Coventry Trust) and Louisa Moore (Partnerships Team Leader, Historic England) 

Supported by Active Travel England and Historic Coventry Trust

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