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East Marsh United (Grimsby)

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Who are East Marsh United? 

We’re a community group from the East Marsh of Grimsby, dedicated to transforming where we live.

This is our neighbourhood – we’re deciding how it develops and grows. We’re seeking out practical solutions to the problems we face, doing everything we can to keep our residents happy, our houses safe and our streets clean.

What we do

  1. We celebrate home-grown talent, encouraging expression through our arts programme and community magazine 
  1. We create new opportunities, work with organisers, engage with volunteers and fundraise for projects like our the East Marsh village Hall.  We are opening the door to community education through our partnership with the WEA and our podcast series, the East Marshian Chronicles 
  1. We are cleaning up our homes and streets, taking a proactive approach to improving the houses and greening with a long term vision of tree planting and redesigning our streets to be more healthy and welcoming. 
  1. We make homes work for our community, challenging landlords, refurbishing houses and welcoming new tenants. We own three houses and are raising half a million pounds to buy and renovate a further ten.  We operate as ethical community landlords offering safe homes at affordable rents. 
  1. We give local people a voice through initiating change, championing democracy and taking back control of our environment.  We advocate grassroots democracy and encourage everyone to, contribute and be heard as we work together for a better future for our East Marsh community.

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