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Embracing oikophilia: Why home matters

Lord Glasman

Sir Robin Wales

Paul Embery

Chair: Samuel Hughes

Chair: Samuel Hughes

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Breakout Session

Friday 27th May, Halifax: 12:50 – 13:50

A discussion of the philosophy of the late Sir Roger Scruton with a focus on his message to the political left.


  • Lord Glasman: Maurice Glasman started Blue Labour in 2010 which encompasses both radical and conservative socialism. Lord Glasman is author of ‘Blue Labour: The Politics of the Common Good’ and a senior lecturer in Political Theory at London Metropolitan University as well as the Director of its Faith and Citizenship Programme.

  • Sir Robin Wales: A former Councillor for the London Borough of Newham, Robin Wales later became the boroughs first mayor. He is a fellow of Birkbeck and has also recieved a knighthood in recognition of his service to local government.

  • Paul Embery: A writer for Unherd the bold thinking, online magazine, Paul Embery is also a trade union activist, pro-Brexit campaigner and ‘Blue Labour’ thinker.
  • Mary Harrington: Mary is a writer based in the UK, and contributing editor at UnHerd. She has an interest in the political and cultural side-effects of globalisation, the replacement of class politics by identity politics, the joy of limits, and women’s rights in the biotech age, which is the subject of her forthcoming book Feminism Against Progress.

  • Chair: Samuel Hughes: Samuel Hughes is a Research Fellow at the University of Oxford and Head of Research at the Office for Place within the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities.

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