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Grapevine Coventry and Warwickshire

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Grapevine Coventry and Warwickshire strengthens people, spark community action and shift systemic power. Our approach builds on 25 years of curiosity, experimentation and observing asset-based and social action practises globally.

We want to end isolation. We want the most unseen, and lonely people to no longer be marginalised or ostracised and instead have strong relationships and the chance to fulfil their potential, like anyone else.  To achieve this we’ve created Connecting For Good bringing isolated and marginalised people together to lead new initiatives across a community ecosystem in a way that is ‘bottom up’ and sustainable.

We draw on community organising methods – uncovering and building leadership and social movements. A project says ‘how can we provide help to people who need it?’, whereas at CFG everyone helps. Here people act based on shared values and concerns, relationships develop through acting together, solutions ‘bubble up’ as capacity grows.

“I’m finally in contact with people who want to work together to build a better community. Collaboration Station makes you see the power of people and of coming together to make changes” – Sophie, Local Resident

CfG is powered by 300 people: from learning-disabled men; to women with autism; to people with chronic health conditions; to suicide survivors, to ordinary people who care. It has been described as:

●      An anti-isolation community and umbrella for almost 30 community-led movements

●      A nourishing and empowering network

●      A citywide movement for good spanning people, regular leaders, unusual leaders, communities, business, public sector, voluntary sector

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