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Hull Women’s Network

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Hull Women’s Network (HWN) was established in 2004 to help address domestic violence across the city. Women are assaulted on average 35 times before seeking help. 

Reports covering COVID-19 and lockdowns shown that all types of violence against women and girls, particularly domestic violence, has intensified. HWN offers specialist domestic abuse support, nursery provision, and access to safe, affordable housing across Hull. 

There is a chronic shortage of housing in the UK, affecting thousands of people in different ways, including those fleeing domestic violence. Property ownership, with investment support from organisations including Big Society Capital, lets HWN offer safe homes for vulnerable women and children, making it possible for them to stabilise and rebuild their lives. Nationally women will leave and return to an abusive relationship seven times before making a permanent break. The accommodation and support HWN give, enables them to make a permanent break on the first attempt to leave.

HWN is not just ‘restitching’ the fabrics of society but stitching together how it should have always been. Through empowering and enabling women to be safe and support their family, promoting healthy living, building confidence and self-esteem, promoting the advancement of education and providing facilities in the interests of social welfare for recreation and leisure time with the object of improving conditions of life for local women. 

It is with organisations like the Hull Women’s Network that we can create more connected and rooted societies that are safe and valued by all those who live within them.

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