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Create Streets exists to help solve the housing crisis and to help neighbourhoods, communities, landowners, councils and developers create and steward beautiful and popular ‘gentle density’ places which residents and neighbours can love for generations. Our research on correlations between specific design components with health, wellbeing, social connectedness, sustainable living patterns, popularity and support for development underpins all our work.

Our goal is to make it easier to co-create beautiful, sustainable, prosperous, economically and socially successful places for people, prosperity and planet. We are a ‘do tank’: we work with neighbourhood groups, landowners, councils and developers across the UK on co-design, design codes and master-planning. We are also a ‘think tank’: we take an active role in the debate about planning and design in the UK and beyond to help create sufficient homes and places in which people and communities can flourish.

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Onward is a modernising think tank whose mission is to develop bold and practical ideas to boost economic opportunity and strengthen communities in all parts of the United Kingdom.

We are not affiliated to any party but believe in a mainstream conservatism. We recognise the value of markets and support the good that government can do, and believe that a strong society is the foundation of both. We want to seize the opportunities of the future while preserving the accumulated knowledge of the past. We believe that most people are hard working, aspirational and decent, but that many do not have the opportunities to fulfil their potential.

Our goal is to address the needs of the whole country: young as well as old; urban as well as rural; in all parts of the UK – particularly places that feel neglected or ignored in Westminster – by working with ordinary people directly and developing practical policies that work.

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Labour Together was built by a group of MPs – Rachel Reeves, Wes Streeting, Shabana Mahmood, Steve Reed, Bridget Philipson, Lucy Powell, Lisa Nandy and Jon Cruddas – who fought to make Labour electable again. 

Today, the old certainties are gone. China has created a new centre of gravity. War has returned to Europe. The costs of a globalised economy have sharpened. In too many places, democracy is in retreat. 

In this disordered world, Britain is adrift. Low growth has seen wages flat. Outsourced supply chains have left us exposed. The cost of austerity is evident in every public service and on every high street. 

Labour Together exists to explore how to win and govern in the age of insecurity. We develop bold ideas to make Britain stronger and more secure, and give Britons back hope and confidence in their future.

If you would be interested in discussing how you and your organisation might like to be involved in the summit, please contact, or