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Wagestream (London)

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Wagestream work on a simple mission. One that our communities need, now more than ever, following the pandemic and with the cost-of-living crisis. They want every working person globally to have complete financial freedom by giving them power over their pay.

They define power over pay as the ability to instantly access, track, save and manage earned wages and seek to transform people’s lives – including the organisations they work for. This includes helping employers roll out a financial wellbeing app for staff that reduces reliance on predatory forms of credit and builds up their savings and financial resilience. 

There is more, Wagestream also works with experts to give tips on managing money and offers employees the chance to build up a savings pot. All with a social charter at the heart of what they do – everything and every product created is designed to improve the financial wellbeing of people in work.

It’s this mission and vision that won the support of founding backers Joseph Rowntree, BarrowCadbury Trust and Big Society Capital. And it’s a mission that will continue to guide the company in the future. Over 200 companies and their 450,000 employees have joined their mission so far.

Wagestream are empowering people. Tackling the invisible, urgent problem of financial stress. Every working person deserves a life that’s free of financial stress. Every working person deserves to feel in control of their finances. With their momentum in this space, there is hope for economic prosperity with positive mental health for all.

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