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West London Zone

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In West London – an area of deep inequality – 1 in 5 children and young people aren’t getting the support they need to thrive.

West London Zone’s research shows that there are 12,000 children and young people currently living in their community that need additional support. Without it, they are more likely to face challenges in later life, including unemployment, social isolation, and poor mental and emotional health.

With outcomes-based contracts, supported by organisations like Big Society Capital, West London Zone formally launched in 2016 in partnership with families, schools and charities who came together because of a shared experience to restitch these inequalities.

COVID-19 and lockdowns have only deepened inequality across the country, impacting learning, progress and the mental health of young people. West London Zone adapted to provide the emergency support families needed, as well as focusing on longer term social, emotional and academic progress tailored to each child’s unique strengths, needs and aspirations.

The young people who have just completed the West London Zone programme have achieved encouraging results despite these huge pressures:

  • 75% have improved their mental health
  • 78% at risk have improved their social skills
  • 75% at risk have improved their confidence levels

As a result, Children working with the programme are well placed to continue to improve at school through the coming year.

West London Zone’s vision is a West London community working together so that every child can thrive and have a brighter and fairer future.

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