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Where community is made: what will be our community centres of the future?

Open discussion | Thursday 7th: 17:30 – 18:30

Thriving communities need beautiful, well-designed places to come together. Yet so many of our traditional meeting places – pubs, churches, libraries, health centres, post offices and local shops – have been closing. What should our community centres of the future look like?

  • Christopher Boyle KC (Landmark Chambers)
  • Chris Cowcher (Plunkett Foundation)
  • Anna Cuskin (Coventry Building Society)
  • Billy Dasein (East Marsh United)
  • Elly de Decker (Bromley by Bow)
  • Matt Leach  (Local Trust)
  • Dr Rebecca Madgin (University of Glasgow)
  • Mel Smith (Grapevine)
  • Claire Styles (Riverside Youth Club)

Chair: Crispin Truman (Rayne Trust)

Supported by The Rayne Trust

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